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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Welcome back to my blog! A few things have changed since I have last blogged. The biggest change being my gym. We have stopped going to a crossfit gym and now to to a more broad gym that supports powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman, meatheads, etc. The new gym is pretty awesome and has allowed us to grow….physically. Obviously with a new gym comes new programming. I started on the burgener squat program which is a 12 week program for your back squat and front squat. After the program was finished I went from a 120lb back squat to 125 and from a 95lb back squat to 110lbs, not huge gains but I’ll take it! I am currently doing westside for skinny bastards and having so much fun! Patrick and Tony just recently did a powerlifting meet and it makes me really want to do one. I currently weigh 110lbs and will try to make the 97lb class. I want to compete in a meet in florence sc in january and maybe another in march. The lowest weight class in the one in march is 114 so I won’t have to worry about making weight in that one. Depending on how the weight cutting is going I would also like to compete in a figure show at some point. I plan on keeping up with my new fitness ventures on here to keep everyone updated. Hope you enjoy reading!


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