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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Today in the gym was really good! It was max effort lower body so I decided to try for a max effort with the safety bar. I got up to 120lbs with the safety bar which is 5lbs off my max! Then I wanted to see how some sumo deadlifts felt. I’ve never really worked on them let alone go heavy! I worked on my form with a light bar then worked my way up to 200lbs, which is 25lbs under my max. They felt great! I really could have gone up a lot but didn’t want to over do it since it was my first time going sumo. To end the day I did some good mornings with the safety bar, some weighted lunges and some abs. Patrick is making me drink a gallon of water a day now and the first day was a success, too bad it makes me pee every 5 minutes! Too much information? Sorry! Now its dinner time: steak, okra, and quinoa. Good night


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