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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

OK, so I havent posted in a few days. But I have good news! I have picked my first powerlifting meet. Well, its a bench pressmeet to get my feet wet. here is the link, am going to try for the 105 weight class. As of right now the last I weighed in at was 114, after drinking a gallon of water 3 days in a row. Yesterday was a cheat day but I didnt drink as much water so I will check today to see what my weight is. I am thinking about competition in the intermediate raw division and the bench repitition competition. Right now my max effort bench is 125- without a pause so I need to work on that. Last week I hit a 3 rep max of 115. The repition competition is to see how many reps I can do at about 50% of my body weight- my weight would be 55lbs. I am not sure how many reps I can do so I will see today how it feels. I am very excited and I will keep everyone updated. The meet is November 13th- so I have just under a month. I am also very interested in the IBP Christmas classic on December 11th- It is a push/pull competition, meaning bench press and deadlift. I need to work on my sumo deadlift a little more first before I decide.


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