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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Well after sleeping in til 10:00 (which most of you know is an amazing feat for me) we hit the gym. Another wonderful reason for a 24 hour gym- your not restricted by time when you want to work out. Today was repetition day, I decided to do 3 sets of max rep dumbell bench press. I used 20lb dumbells and did 22 reps, 18reps and 21 reps respectively. They felt pretty good but in warming up I noticed it was difficult to keep my arch on the dumbell bench so I used a large pvc pipe to help me keep an arch. I have been working on my set up for the bench including my arch and I am pretty pleased with where I’m at but I’m still working for a bigger arch. Especially after seeing some of the forms from the meets. Nothing else major today just some accessory work. We may come back to the gym a little later for some boxing.


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