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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

The press, that is! For todays max effort I did “dead” presses, also known as pin presses. I warmed up with all singles- 45 and 65 lbs. Then I started to get a little heavier and did reps at 85, 95, and 115. I failed the first set at 115 but got it the second time. I was suprised it came off the pins so fast but then I hit a sticking point at the top. After the “dead” presses patrick helped me do “tricep death”. Tricep death is a bench press workout using board presses with 1-3 seconds rest during each board change.  I used 55lbs and did 5 reps for each board- starting with 5 boards, then 4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5. My arms felt like jello after this. After the blood ran back in my arms I did a super set of chest supported rows and scarecrows (wow! This post has halloween written all over it!). To end a great workout I did 3 sets of seated incline dumbell curls. All in all I say great workout!

0430-protein shake
0745-2 eggs with 4oz beef
1100- one serving of asparagus, one packet of starkist tuna
1300- a few crackers and a handful of candy (a patient brought it, I couldn’t be rude right?!)
1500-one piece of sushi
1800-post workout protein shake
1930-6oz beef-with cheese, one serving of asparagus, small serving of roasted potatoes
*one gallon of water consumed throughout today.


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