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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

After sleeping in for a bit, we got up to the the gym. Thursday is an off day for WS4SB, so we got into the back room at fitness factory and pushed the prowler. They had just set up the astro turf in the back and it made for a very difficult prowler session. The astro turf was approximately 15-20 yards. We had 2 prowlers set up, one weighted and one non-weighted. For the first 3 sets I used a 25lb plate on the weighted prowler. Each set I pushed the weighted prowler down and back and then the non-weighted prowler down and back. For the fourth round we added a small sled with a 45lb plate and pushed it down and back in between the other prowlers. For my fifth set I added a 10lb plate to the first prowler. After pushing the last prowler I felt a wave of nausea come over me and had to make a little run to the bathroom to cool down for minute. The prowler really got me today! After working out today I weighed in. I was a little nervous since I had gained a few pounds earlier in the week. I was 110.8 which is pretty much exactly where I want to be. I have 3 more days until I have to start my strict diet so I am enjoying my time left!

1200-Post workout protein shake
1300-Gyro platter (gyro meat, fries, small salad, diet pepsi)
1400-trip to colombian bakery (half a beef pastry, colombian dessert
2000-4oz pork tenderloin, serving of speghetti squash and serving of okra, a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds.
*a gallon of water was consumed today


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