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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Today is the last day of my shitty diet and no cardio. Its been fun but Im ready to get back on the ball and pretty interested to see how easy or hard it might be to lose weight. I have never had to lose weight before so this is going to be new to me. This morning I weighed in at 111.4 and my goal is to compete in the 105.75 weight class. Tomorrow morning I start morning cardio, and will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 20min at a 15 degree incline. Now on to todays workout:

Reverse band bench press- 3 reps- starting at 185 and adding 10lbs each set. 185-195-205-215F, we tested out the bands and found out that they take off about 70lbs at the top and about 90lbs at the bottom. After that fun I did a superset of Lat pulldowns (75lbs, 87.5lbs, 100lbs) and rear delt flie(20lbs, 25lbs,35lbs)s- 8 reps each for 3 sets, then cable lateral raises 4 sets of 8. For some more superset fun I did Shrugs (60lbs each arm) and reverse curls on the rolling thunder with 2.5lbs added, 3 sets of 8reps each. For my grip work today I did 3 sets of rope pull-ups (5reps) and then max hang. After all of this I was still feeling very good so I decided to do some dips. I warmed up with 5 non weighted dips. I then did 5 with 25lbs, 3 at 35lbs and then went for 45lbs. The last time i tried for 45lbs I think I only got one. I had Patrick film it and I ended up getting 5!!  I also wanted to let you guys know about the supplements I am taking. In my post workout shake I put a scoop of creatine and a small scoop of gatorade. At dinner I take a digestive enzyme, HCL, vitamin D, 4 capusles of Costco Fish oil, and a magnesium zinc calcium combo. Also first thing in the morning and about 7 hours later I take 2 capsules of Fahrenhiet from biotest

Food for day:

1200-post workout shake with scoop of creatine and scoop of gatorade

1400-eggs benedict with 4 potato pancakes

1730-frozen dinner-gluten free jumbalaya

2000-house salad from portofinos and very small slice of bread, 4oz egg nog

Im gonna go ahead and say its pretty likely that I will help patrick finish of the container of ben and jerry in the freezer!


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