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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Friday was a pretty great day in the gym. It started with some 4am boxing. Patrick and I did 6 rounds at 90 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. Boxing before work was pretty great and I was very stress free and relaxed before work. I weighed in at 109.0.
After work I met some girls from work at Dowd YMCA. I did some rowing and walking on the treadmill for about 30 minutes. After some light cardio we checked out the hot tub, dry sauna and steam room. Before the hot tub and suanas I weighed in at 109.6 and after I weighed in at 109.0. I just wanted to try them out in case I need to next friday.
After the YMCA I went with Patrick to Fitness Factory for some dynamic squats (Reverse band). This week we had to go up 5 more percent. I did 225lbs for 6 sets of 2 and they felt great. I used my new belt and loved it, I just hope I break it in enough before next weekend. I also did some mini band speed sumo deadlifts with 135lbs for 6 sets of singles. Then I did some cable pull throughs- 3 sets of 12.
Food for the day:
0445- protein shake
0700-2 eggs with 1/4c of spinach
1030-1 cup of chili
1500-small apple
1600-handful of nuts
1700-scoop of whey protein
1930-1/2 scoop beef protein
2030-1/2 cup bay scallops, 3oz steak and small salad with oil and vinegar and lemon juice dressing

picture from the YMCA-thanks for the pic Amy


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