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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Was too tired to post yesterday so here it goes now!
Woke up about 0830 and had a breakfast of a bagel, some eggs and bacon and hot chocolate. After getting to Kings mountain I had some gatorade. After the lifters meet it was time to go. I was in the first flight out of 3. I was the 7th person to go. My opener was 110lbs. I was so nervous and couldnt stop shaking and just wanted to get the first lift over! I hit a sticking point but I got it and left all my nerves at the bench. I was feeling so good. My second attempt was 120lbs. I decided I wanted Patrick to give me a lift off this time so I wouldnt get tired lifting off myself. I was unsuccesful in my attempt and decided no more lift offs for me. My third attempt I went 120lbs again lifting off myself. I got it this time but got 1 red light for my butt coming off the bench a little. Since I got my 3rd lift I got to attempt at 4th time. I decided to go for 125. Boy did that 125lb feel HEAVY! It dropped like a ton of bricks. I was very happy with 120lbs though. I had so much fun, and since I was in the first flight I got to sit back and relax and watch everyone else go! I ate some lunch and prepared myself for the repetition competition. After everyone went we started the rep competition. I was the first person to go on this. I did 35 reps but got one taken away. There was one other woman who got 40 reps and they took 5 away leaving 35 reps. I missed getting 1st by one rep. All in all it was a great day for me and a very successful first meet. I got 1st place in the open raw 105class, best lifter, and set state and regional records! I cannot wait until my next meet!


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