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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

After taking the morning off from the gym we went in for an evening session. I did a 5 rep max bench press. Ive never done these before so I wasnt really sure how they were going to go. I warmed up with 45lbs and then started at 65lbs going up 10lbs until 105. I decided to go for 110 but it did not work out so well. I was very pleased with 105×5. For my accessory work I did a superset of cable rows with rear delt flys, and then did some barbell curls. I also played around a bit with the blast straps and chains.
For my food today:
0430-8oz coffee
0500-protein shake
0730-3 eggs
1100-4oz chicken breast, 1 cup asparagus
1200-(homemade snack balls-chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, egg, almond meal, chocolate superfood, splenda)
1800-post workout protein shake
2000-4oz burger, 1 cup brocolli and carrots, 1 small sweet potato
I have been having a hard time drinking enough water-im going to have to start forcing myself.


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