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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Don’t worry I’m not going to be prancing around, bumping bellies in my underwear,  I’m talking about deadlifts! One of the best things about 5/3/1 is that there is a whole day devoted to deadlifts. I was trying to decide if I wanted to use a sumo stance or conventional during this cycle. I decided that sumo works better for me since I usually have a problem rounding my back conventional. Here was my work:
4am: 20minutes on treadmill
Sumo Deadlifts- warm up 45lbsx5, 95lbsx3 then 115lbsx5, 135×5 and 150×5. (You are supposed to go max reps on the last set but I kinda forgot!)
Glute Ham raises- 5×10
Leg press machine ( pictured)- 5×20- 95lbs, 135lbs, 135lbs, 135lbs, 180lbs
Superset of 10 ab rollers, 20 swissball crunches – 3 sets.


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