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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

So while Im thinking about how I forgot to post about yesterdays workout I figured I should just go ahead and post it now!
We went to the gym monday morning and did some am cardio. At 4am I did a 25 minute walking course on the treadmill. Mondays are deadlift days for me so I was planning on going back to the gym in the afternoon. I started having some pretty bad ulnar nerve pain in my left elbow and decided I needed to get that under control before trying to deadlift so we decided to take the afternoon off. Yesterday morning I did another 25 minutes of light cardio on the treadmill at 4am. 3pm I went back to deadlift. I did 45lbsx5 and 95lbsx5 to warm up and then did my working sets, 135lbsx5 150lbsx3 and then 170×1+. I did 170lbs for 10 reps, I just love these sumo deadlift. For my accessory work I did 5 sets of 10 glute-ham raises and 5 sets of 10 box jumps (box was above my knees). This morning (wednesday) I did 5 minute warm up on treadmill, 8 minutes of stair climber and then did 3 rounds of 10 hanging leg raises, 20 swiss ball crunches, and 10 dumbell side bends each arm. Tonight I will go back and do some benching!

here is a video of a sumo deadlift (just in case you didnt know what it was)


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