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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Yesterday afternoon I did bench press
warm up: 45lbs x5, 45lbs x5, 65lbs x5 then,
75lbs x5, 85lbs x3 and 95lbs x1+ ( I did 10 reps )
for accessory work I did:
5 sets of 10 weighted dips with small chain (5.5lbs) and
5 sets of 10 DB lateral raises with 10lb DB.

I still plan on doing some powerlifting meets in the near future but now I’m also interested in doing a figure show and competing in the bikini division. There is a show here in Charlotte in April so I am thinking about possibly doing that show. I was 105.8 at my last weigh in. Ill keep everyone updated on how that goes

I took a rest day today.


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