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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Today I started my first day of deload week.
I started out with 10min on treadmill to warm up then stretched
Military press- 30lbs x5 (supposed to be 25lbs but lightest bar was 30lbs), 30lbs x5 and 35lbs x5
Dips- 5 sets of 5 (I normally do 10 reps and use a chain for weight)
KROC rows- 5 sets of 20 with 10lb DB (I normally use 20lbs)
triceps press downs- 5 sets of 10 on level 5 (I normally use 8)
I finished up with a tabata hill sprints incline-9 and 6mph (I am still a little nervous of running on treadmills since falling and breaking my finger a few months ago)


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