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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Happy New Year everybody! Hope everyone had a safe and happy new years eve. We are back from the beach and had a great time, however, after eating so much junk food I am ready to go back to a strict diet (we will see how long that last). I weighed myself today at 107 lbs which equals 5 lbs I gained while on vacation. I am going to try to go back to a paleo diet with the occasional milk and some carbs but I am going to try to stay gluten free. I will post some of the new things I try to make on here to help anyone else out that may be looking for new recipes. For my new years resolution I plan on trying to be more like a woman (for example: try to like carrying a purse, doing better with makeup and shopping in the women’s section and not juniors, oh and also competing in a figure show).
Bench day- 45lbs x3, 65lbs x3 warm up then working sets of 75lbs x3, 85lbs x3 and 95lbs x3+ (I did 11)
then I did a crossfit strength workout-
5 rounds
2 Deadlifts 185lbs
6 burpees
12 Dumbell thrusters 20lbs
12 tuck jumps

Squat day (pretty sore from workout thursday)
45lbs x3, 65lbs x3 warm up then working sets of 75lbs x3, 85lbs x3 then 3 singles at 95lbs (I have come to the conclusion I was not meant to squat so I am not even worrying about how much I can squat anymore, just how good they make my legs look!)
Back squat for form 45lbs 5 sets of 5
30 minute treadmill walk on 4mph incline from 1-10

10 min treadmill walk and stretch
Strongman Saturday Medley
3 rounds
10 log clean and press
farmer carry 80lb pontoons
yoke walk with 35lb each side
video below


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