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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Took a rest day yesterday…and I needed it! I have had a few long days at work that I’m not used to. I don’t even remember what I had to eat yesterday….it was all paleo…no dairy…no grain.

Today 1/6/11

Bench- 45lbs x5, 65lbs x5, 75lbs x3- warm-up      Working sets: 80lbs x5, 90lbs x3, 100lbs x1+ (I did 7 reps)

Boring but big accessory work: Bench 5 sets of 10 at 50lbs (probably went way to light but wasn’t sure what weight to go with) then I did Dumbell rows 5 sets of 10 with 30lb dumbells


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