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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

No AM cardio today! Got to sleep in….woo hoo!

I think cycle 3 in going to be a great cycle for me! Yesterday, during my military press, I got my highest amount of reps yet and today was a great day on deadlifts!

Deadlift- 135lbs x5, 150lbs x5, and 160lbs x5+ (I did 20!!!). Last month I got 14 and was shooting for 15. Calculated out my one rep max would be 266. I am waiting until after my next cycle to do any maxing out. Video is below of my last set. My central nervous system was pretty shot after my max rep and I had also not eaten alot before so I wasn’t really feeling any accessory work today. I did manage to get through 5 sets of 10 deadlifts @95lbs. Great day today, I really feel like Crossfit strength is helping me alot!! I’m ecstatic.


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