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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!



4am- 30 min treadmill walk


Squat- 45lb x5, 65lb x3 warm up

70lb x5, 80lb x5, 90lb x5+ (i did 6, form was getting sloppy so I stopped)

Legs workout

-airsquats 2×15

-dumbbell squats 3×12 @45lb

-narrow stance leg press 3×12 @ 140lb

-dumbbell lunges 3×12 @10lb each hand

-hamstring curls 3×12 @25lb

-calf raises 3×12


6:00am- oatmeal and cup of coffee

9:00am-sausage/beef burger and protein muffin

12:30pm- shake (8oz almond milk, 1/4c ricotta cheese, scoop of probolic, scoop of superfood)

6:00pm- post workout shake (whey)

7:00pm-burger from kickstand (burger with no bun, with slices of ham, swiss cheese, dill pickles, garlic mayo and mustard, with sweet potato tatertots


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