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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Today I had my posing class. Everything went great! Neely, the coach, said that I was lean enough already and that the only thing I needed to work on were shoulders and quads. I am getting more comfortable walking in the heels and posing. She did my body fat percentage and if it’s accurate I’m sitting at a little over 12%. I’m feeling pretty good at where I’m at with 2 months still to go! On to the training….

Saturday- rest day!!!
Sunday- 3 mile hike at the white water center

9:30am-2 hotdogs (no bun)
11:45am-turkey salad
4:00pm- shake (probolic SR, 8oz almond milk, superfood, 2T almond butter)
6:30pm- eggs (approx. 3 eggs), 2 slices bacon
8:00pm- pork BBQ approx. 4oz, small amount of coleslaw and greens

8:00am- shake (probolic SR, 8oz almond milk, superfood, 2t almond butter)
11:00am- tonka bar
12:45pm- handful of cashews
13:30pm- 6oz BBQ, coleslaw
7:30pm- beef patty, asparagus, squash, handful of chips
8:00pm- 2 protein muffins (


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