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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Squats- 80lb x5, 90x 3, 100lb x1+ (I got 10!!!!!! that is huge for me! Last month I got 8 and it was a sloppy 8. This 10 was a strong solid 10!)
Squat 5×10 at 70lb (5lbs up from last week)
Glute-ham raise 5×10 (hands behind head) pictured above
Narrow stance leg press with 205lb 10reps & walking lunge 10 each leg- superset for 5 sets

6:00am- 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites, salsa
10:00am- protein shake (probolic SR, superfood, 3oz almond milk, 2T almond milk, water)
1:30pm- 4oz beef patty, asparagus, couple of cashews
4:30pm- finibar
6:30pm- post workout shake (whey and waxy maize)
8:00pm- scallops, rice, broccoli/cauliflower mix, beef/sausage mix


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