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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Today was the start of my deload week, I decided to max out on my lifts to see how I was doing….

4am- practiced posing then walked on treadmill for 20 minutes
4pm- military press- max effort
45lb x3, 45lb x3, 65lb x1, 75lb x1, 80lb x1F, 78.4lb x1, 80.4lb x1F, 80.4lb x1F, 80.4lb x1F
I wanted 80 so bad but I’ll take 78.4, it’s 75% of my bodyweight
(the picture above is showing how I tried everything to get a new PR, even using multiple collars!)
10 military press at 45lbs & 10 strict pull ups for 5 sets
3 way lateral raises 5×10 with 5lb dumbbells

5:30am- 1/2c oats, 4 egg whites with salsa, 1 slice of bacon
9:30am- shake (casein, superfood, coconut milk, 2T almond butter)
12:00pm- 4oz beef brisket and collard greens
3:30pm- 1/4c oats and half a finibar (pre workout)
5:30pm- post workout shake (whey and waxy maize)
7:00pm- half of ground sirloin patty, grass fed beef hotdog (no bun), asparagus, okra


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