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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Great day in the gym today. I started my 5th month of 5/3/1….

4am- 20 min treadmill walk
4pm- military press: 50lb x5, 60lb x5, 65lb x5+ (I got 9! Last time I got 6 reps)
Military press 5×10 @ 55lb
In between each set I did 10 pull ups (i did weighted pull ups the last 2 sets with 25lbs)
5 sets of 30 reps of red band face pulls/ red band pull aparts
4 sets of 10 narrow grip barbell push ups / 10 lateral raises with 5lb each arm

6:00am- 3 egg whites, organic chicken hotdog, mayo, protein powder pancake (protein powder, almond milk, egg) with 2T jelly
10:00am- shake (probolic SR, almond milk, spinach, blueberries, superfood, 2 spoonfuls of cottage cheese)
12:30pm- beef patty, okra, collard greens
4:30pm- almond butter and jelly “sandwich” (bread is made from protein powder pancakes (pre workout)
6:30pm- post workout shake (whey and waxy maize)
8:00pm- beef patty, 1/2 pork sausage, salad, mayo, ketchup


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