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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!



4am- 20 min treadmill walk
5pm- Squat
70lb x5, 85lb x5, 95lb x5+ (I only got 9 because of the genius I am- made the belt a little too tight and couldn’t get a good breath in so I started getting a little light headed, so I stopped)
Squat 5×10 @75lbs
Leg extensions 3×15 @40lbs
Abductors 3×15 @50lbs
Adductors 3×15 @40lbs
Band resisted sprints with 20lb weight vest (red and black band, approx. 30 yards) x4
Band resisted bear crawls (red and black band, approx. 30 yards) x4
Band resisted lunges (black band only, approx. 30 yards) x2

Food: carb day 🙂
5:30am- 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/2c oats, handful of blueberries
8:30am- shake (probolic, superfood, spinach, cottage cheese, blueberries, almond milk)
11:00am- salsa chicken, zucchini, eggplant
2:00pm- corned beef, cabbage, 1/4c cottage cheese
4:00pm- finibar (pre-workout)
6:30pm- post workout shake (whey and waxy maize)
8:30pm- turkey/bison patty, green and yellow peas, very small amount of sweet potato, spinach salad with tomato, macadamia nuts, and balsamic vinaigrette


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