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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Warm up with red band
Lateral raises 3×12 with 2.5lb plates
Small arm circles 2×15 with 2.5 plates
Triceps press down (railroad machine) 3×10 @ 50lb
Bicep curls 1×15 @ 10lb dumbbell , 2×15 @ 15lb dumbbell
Triceps press down with rope 3×12
Triceps of death with 45lb bar- 5 reps narrow bench press with 5 boards, 4 boards, 3 boards, 2 boards, 1 board, 2 boards, 3 boards, 4 boards, 5 boards.

10:00am- 4 egg whites, 2 slices of bacon
12:00pm- shake (spinach, blueberries, probolic SR, cocoa powder)
3:00pm- salsa chicken, 1 slice bacon
7:00pm- grilled salmon, sautéd asparagus/mushroom/tomato
7:30pm- protein brownie (scoop protein, egg)


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