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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Since it is really getting down to the wire for my diet, I have decided to write everything (even supplements and liquid that I take in). I figured some pictures would help too!

4am: 5 min walk on treadmill @ 15% incline at 3mph.
20 min on treadmill alternating 1 min 6mph jog and 1 min 3 mph walk all on 6% inclince
5 min walk on treadmill @ 6% incline at 3mph
3:30pm: Military Press (deload week) 3×5 @ 45lbs
(5 strict toes to bar after each set of military press)
Band pull aparts/Face pulls superset 5×20 with green band
Dumbbell Military Press 5×10 @ 20lb dumbbells
Lateral Raises 5×10 @ 5lb dumbbells
*23 push ups, 23 lunges, 23 pull ups*
Unweighted sissy squats 2×50 (waiting on Patrick to finish his workout!)

Now on to Food:
4:00am- Lipo 6 (2 tablets)
6:00am- 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1T spicy brown mustard, 2oz almond milk, 2 slices applegate farms uncured ham, 2 oz ground pork (all cooked omelet style), finished 1 liter of water
9:00am-Black tea (plain)
9:45am- Shake (peppermint green tea(1 tea bag steeped in 8oz water), 1/4c blueberries, 1/4c spinach, 1 scoop Dynamax Elite protein blend, 4oz almond milk, 1T unsweetened cocoa powder)
11:00am- finished 2nd liter of water
12:30pm-4oz ground pork, roasted eggplant and zuchinni
3:00pm- Handful of cashews and pistachios (no salt) and a protein brownie, Lipo 6 (2 tablets)
3:30pm- 4oz Monster rehab energy drink (pre-workout)
5:30pm- Post workout shake- whey, finished 3rd liter of water
7:30pm- 4oz Sirloin tip steak, 3oz Tuna (olive oil, canola mayo, coconut flour, spicy brown mustard), Collard greens, roasted okra

8:00pm- 4 fish oil, 2 Vitamin D, 2 digestive enzymes, and 2 multivitamins (yes they are gummy!), finished 4th liter of water