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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


7:00am- worked on biceps and shoulders. I didn’t write down what I did and now I don’t remember exactly. It involved some bicep curls, lateral raises and overhead presses.
2:30pm- squat (5 week) 85lb x5, 100lb x5, 110lb x5 (not sure what really was going on but squats felt awful, hamstring was hurting a little and my nutrition was lacking a little) my last set I got 3 then did 2 singles. Makes you realize you can’t have a great day in the gym everyday and I have had a great run!
Front squats 5×12 at 45lbs
Hamstring was hurting a little so decided to stop for the day

Peri workout in AM- BCAAs
Post workout in AM- 1/2 rice cake, bite of larabar, protein shake
Breakfast- egg white, mushroom, spinach, cheese omelette, turkey bacon, biscuit and apple butter
Peri workout in PM- protein shake
Snack- tanka bar
Dinner- wedding reception (shrimp, sushi, crab, beef tenderloin, roll, few bites of pasta, 1.5 glasses of wine!

Reverse lunges holding barbell in front rack position 3×10 each leg
Seated leg curls 3×10 6 plates
Seated leg extension 3×10 5 plates
Single leg hamstring curls 20 each leg
Stair climber intervals 1 min on 30 sec off, level 12, 10 rounds

Pre workout- coffee, handful of nuts
Post workout- protein shake
Lunch- picnic at the vanlandingham estate- pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, fruit, banana pudding, wine
Snack- pringles and diet cheerwine
Dinner- 1/2 grilled chicken breast, beef patty, roasted vegetables


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