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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Why is it sooo hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation? Vacation is supposed to leave you feeling relaxed and ready to seize the day. Instead I am finding myself tired and not wanting to hit the gym, just wanting to be a couch potato and lazy! Anyways after trying to get out of the gym today my husband finally convinced me to go….

5pm- deadlift (3 week). 160lb x3, 180lb x3, 200lb x3 (ok here is where the whole counting thing comes in: during that last set I was off by 5lbs on one side then after getting the same weight on both sides I only had 200lbs on the bar when I was supposed to and thought I had 205lb)
Rack pulls from the knees 5 sets of 3 (set 1 & 2 205lbs conventional, set 3 185lb conventional, set 4 & 5 185lb sumo)
Superset: 4 sets: leg press 15 reps, decline ab crunches 15 reps

Breakfast: turkey burger, 1 whole egg, coffee
Snack: morning shake
Lunch: leftover orange chicken, broccoli, asparagus
Pre workout: rice cake
Post workout: shake, bite of larabar
Dinner: paleo chicken pot pie


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