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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


4am- 20 min speed intervals on stairmill
5pm- military press 65lb x5, 70lb x3, 80lb x1+ (I failed 3 times at 80lbs so I will re-evaluate my weight next cycle)
Military press 5×10 55lb-55lb-50lb-50lb-45lb
Triset: upright row 15lb 10 reps, Arnold press 10lbs 10 reps, lateral raises 5lb 10 reps -3 sets
Pull ups 3×10

Breakfast- 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, ground breakfast sausage
Snack- packet of tuna
Lunch- usual shake
Snack- ground beef, steak, broccoli fries, asparagus
Peri workout- larabar, a few chocolates, iced coffee, protein shake
Dinner- beef patty, 1/2 beef hotdog, asparagus, avocado


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