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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Fun day today training wise! What do you do to mix up your training?

worked on the guns! 4×10 each arm bicep curls, alternated between regular curls and crossbody hammer curls- 15lb dumbbells
Triset- lateral raises, arnold press, rear delt flyes (10 reps each exercise, 8lb dumbbells. 2 sets)
3×10 dumbbell military press- 20lb dumbbells
unilateral lateral raises 3×10 each arm, slow and controlled (first set 8lbs, second and third set 5lbs)
superset- narrow grip barbell pushups 12 reps, strict pull ups 6 reps, 4 sets

5 rounds of sprint/swim 50m (in the pool, no I did not wear the cute little flower hat), 20 push ups

pre-workout- coffee
peri-workout- BCAA’s
post workout meal (3pm)- Moes naked burrito (steak, cucumbers, pico de gallo, guacamole, bacon, lettuce, salsa), grande caramel light frappuccino with protein
dinner- will be sweet italian sausage, eggs, some sort of veggies


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