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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


At this point today I am in 3rd place in the Fittest Friends Contest. The contest goes until June 27th. It is very easy to vote, just one click. No need to register or “like” the page. You can vote everyday. It would mean so much to me if all of you could take just a second out of your day for the next few weeks to vote for me. It is my dream to be in a fitness magazine. Thank you so much in advance and I will keep all of you updated and send reminders!

6:45am- 30 min treadmill @ 10 incline, first 20 min 3mph last 10 min 2.5mph
2:30pm- Military Press (deload week) 45lb 3×5 very minimal rest
Dips 5×10 minimal rest
Chest Supported Row (pictured) 5×10- 15lb dumbbells minimal rest
Cross Body Hammer Curls 5×10 each arm- 15lb dumbbells
Lateral Raises 3×10- 10lb dumbbells
Concentration Curls 3×10 each arm- 10lb dumbbells (no rest)
Rear Delt Flye 3×10- 10lb dumbbell

peri-workout (am)- BCAA’s
breakfast- scrambled eggs with okra and sausage
lunch- scrambled eggs with okra and sausage, ribs
peri-workout (pm)- BCAA’s
post workout- shake
dinner- 1/2 beef patty, 1 turkey patty, asparagus

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