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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Fun day today!
6am- Yoga! I am really liking yoga! What a great accessory to my lifting!
5pm- Military press (5 week) 55lb x5, 60lb x5, 70lb x5- felt heavy today
Dumbbell military press 5×10 @ 20lb
incline bicep curl 3×10 @ 15lb(1st set), 10lb (2nd and 3rd set)
band triceps press down 3×20
lateral raises 3×10 @ 10lb
rear delt flye machine 3×10 @ 25lb

am- coffee
brunch- chicken & egg bagel, hash browns, cinnamon roll @ chick-fil-a
snack- ground turkey patty, handful of nuts
post workout- protein shake
dinner- ground beef patty, asparagus, couscous

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