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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

I really like this picture! I have seen alot of people around me lately trying different “diets” to lose weight and it is sooo frustrating. Just eat a clean healthy diet, I promise you will feel better than any crash diet will make you feel. If you deprive your body of nutrients or food, you will fail! If a “diet” sounds too good to be true, chances are it is! Unless you have a contest or show coming up, give yourself some rewards and cheat meals, you deserve it (just dont go crazy!)
*I use the “” around diet because most people see it as a four letter word. Diet really just describes the way one eats on a day to day bases. Yes, I am on a diet! That does not mean I am trying to lose weight or starving myself.

::end rant::

Bench- 80lb x5, 95lb x5, 110lb x5
Dumbbell Bench- 5×10 @ 25lb
Bicep curl (ez bar)- 3×10 at 20lb-30lb-30lb
Weighted dips- 3×5 @ 25lb
Dumbbell chest supported rows- 3×10 @ 15lb
Lateral raises/arnold press superset- 3x10each @ 10lb
Crossbody hammer curls- 3x10each arm @ 10lb-15lb-15lb

breakfast: chicken sausage, 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg
snack: scoop of protein
lunch: pork bbq, cauliflower, nuts
preworkout snack- protein pudding, cherries
post workout- scoop protein
dinner: rotisserie chicken, salad


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