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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Squat 90lb x5, 105lb x5, 115lb x5
Dead squats- went lower this time and did 5 singles at 115lbs
Ab wheel roll outs 3×10
Core strength back machine 3×10 @60lbs

12pm: 4 mile hike at usnwc

Peri workout- creatine powder
Post workout-  shake
Pre hike- handful of cashews and raisins, bcaas
Post hike- nuts and raisins
Lunch- steak burrito bowl from moes

Snack-cherries, small slice of watermelon, carrots, tomato, slice of ham, slice of cheesecake
Dinner- bacon cheeseburger- no bun with sweet potato tatertots and glass of wine


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