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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Picture is of me and my 2 younger sisters (even though they are just as tall {if not taller} as me!)

This weekend flew by so fast! I took Friday and Saturday off from the gym. Friday at work was crazy and I didn’t get home til about 6pm then met my step-dad and brother for dinner for Fathers day. Saturday we were in Charleston all day for my younger sisters graduation from leadership school at the citadel. Also this weekend my diet hasn’t been that great. Here is my training today

2pm: Squat
Squat 95lb x3, 110lb x3, 125lb x3+ (I got one single and failed my second attempt, I re-racked, got myself together and got it for 3)
Squat 5×10 @ 65lbs
Superset: Glute-ham raises 10 reps & Good mornings @ 65lbs 10 reps > 3 sets

4pm: 3 mile trail run (took it easy @ about 31 minutes)

Tomorrow I will try out our new gym. Its called Elevate Selection- should be a fun time!


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