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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Tonight I was supposed to deload squat but decided to do the SOF WODs workout instead. It was pretty good and Im glad I did it! Ill squat tomorrow!

5 rounds:
7 ring dips
15 med ball cleans 20lb
15 slam balls 20lb
7 diamond push ups

The hardest part of the workout was just trying not to get my breathing out of control. I forgot my inhaler at home and could feel myself starting to get tight. All was well though!

After the workout we did partner sit ups with the med ball over head then pass it to partner. 3×10

After that we did a mash of excercises, most were about 30 seconds with about 15 seconds rest. Exercise examples: flutter kicks, various push ups (wide grip, tricep, etc.), bear crawls, crab walk, various ab work (knees to chest, dolphin kicks, etc.)

whew Im tired after all that!!


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