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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Well, I didn’t get around to doing squats on Saturday so I did them today instead.

Squat: 55lb x5, 70lb x5, 80lb x5
Reverse Lunges: 45lb barbell 3×12
Good Mornings: 45lb barbell 3×10
Seated Leg extensions: 25lb 3×10
Narrow Stance Leg Press: 3×10

Tomorrow I am supposed to start a new cycle of 5/3/1. At this time I am re-evaluating the template. I feel like I am getting a little burned out on the 5/3/1 and not progressing like a should. I know people hit lulls and you shouldn’t give up on something, But I truly feel like its time to move on to something else. Tomorrow I am going to start Bill Starr’s 5×5 template. Its a little higher volume which I think will work for me. Only one way to find out!


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