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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Today I started a new program! It went pretty well for what I was given today!

warm up sets: 45lb x5, 65lb x5, 85lb x5- then did 105lb 5×5

warm up sets: 45lb x5, 65lb x5, 85lb x5- then did 95lb 5×5

warm ups sets: 135lb x5- then did 155lb x5

I wanted to get at least 115 on the squat, but I squatted yesterday and my legs were really sore. I could have gone up a little on the bench but I didn’t have a spotter and didn’t want to risk not getting the weight off me if I failed an attempt. Deadlifting was awful! I was hoping to get at least 185. The Y only has hexagon plates which makes a great set up nearly impossible (see picture) and they don’t have chalk which makes it really hard to grip the bar! I’ve been having a hard time lately trying to find a gym I “fit” in. My body doesn’t like me crossfitting and I really LOVE powerlifting but can’t find a great gym. Maybe I just to start my own garage gym. This brings up another point……motivation. I have been so unmotivated lately and I think its partly from the gym environment, but also from another important point. My husband is enlisting in the Air Force. That’s right folks, you heard it here first…….that is of course unless I’ve already told you! I just have alot on my mind right now and Its so hard to focus. I need to work on that!

After the Y we went out to the white water center and I hiked for 3 miles! Boy was it hot out there today!


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