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Category Archives: 5/3/1

Well, I didn’t get around to doing squats on Saturday so I did them today instead.

Squat: 55lb x5, 70lb x5, 80lb x5
Reverse Lunges: 45lb barbell 3×12
Good Mornings: 45lb barbell 3×10
Seated Leg extensions: 25lb 3×10
Narrow Stance Leg Press: 3×10

Tomorrow I am supposed to start a new cycle of 5/3/1. At this time I am re-evaluating the template. I feel like I am getting a little burned out on the 5/3/1 and not progressing like a should. I know people hit lulls and you shouldn’t give up on something, But I truly feel like its time to move on to something else. Tomorrow I am going to start Bill Starr’s 5×5 template. Its a little higher volume which I think will work for me. Only one way to find out!



Bench day is my favorite!

Bench: 50lb x5, 65lb x5, 75lb x5
Bench: 5×10 @ 45lb
Ring dips: 5×5
Ring rows (pictured) 3×10
Bicep curls 3×10 @ 12lb
Lateral raises 3×10 @ 8lb

Today was my deload deadlift day:

90lb x5, 115lb x5, 140lb x5

Before and after my deadlifts I did a 1 mile jog with a 20lb weight vest on (2 miles total). Fun stuff!!

ahhh, Deload week! Im always pretty excited to start deload week because I have usually gone through a beating the weeks before. I went to the YMCA early afternoon to get in my deload lift then went to SOF WODs tonight to get my conditioning on. I saw the workout had rope climbs and I was in! I LOVE rope climbs. My husband calls me circus freak!

Military press 3×10 @ 45lbs
Pull ups 3×10
Lateral raises 3×10 @ 10lb dumbbells

10 rounds:
200m run
15ft rope climb
8 27in box jumps



Squat (5/3/1 week)
95lb x5, 110lb x3, 125lb x1+ ( I did 4, then realized I was supposed to do 130lbs so I did 130lb x1
Front squat 3×10 @ 55lb
Bulgarian split squats 3×6 @ 45lb barbell
Glute-ham raise 3×10

5 rounds:
*max push-ups in 1 min, 20 sec rest then
(34,29,26,26,22) (111 total)
*max distance on rower in 1 min, 20 sec rest then
(239m,228m,223m,235m,238m) (1163 total)
*max flutter kicks in 1 min (4 count), 30 sec rest
(40,28,40,32,44) (223 total)

Trying to work the set up at the new gym. Its hard powerlifting in a crossfit gym thats for sure! Overcoming obstacles only make you stronger right?!
Bench: 90lb x5, 110lb x3, 120lb x1
Bench 5×10 @ 70lb
Bent over rows 3×10 @ 45lb barbell
Pull ups/dips superset 3×8 each- no rest between exercises
lateral raises 5lb/plate raises 10lb- superset 3×10 each

So today was deadlift day since I took a rest day yesterday! In the past 3 days ive worked 30 hours and!

Deadlift: 175lb x5, 195lb x3, 220lb x1+ (I got 2 singles) This ties my max for deadlift- and I got it twice!!
GHD situps from parallel 3×20
Kettlebell deadlifts 3×20 @ 24kg
18 dead hang pullups (Patrick was doing max rep pull ups, so I decided to see if I could beat him. I did!)
Kettlebell swings (light) 3×15 @ 12kg