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late post from yesterday! It was a busy day and by the time we got home i was pretty tired!

8:30am-1.7 mile walk on treadmill- avg speed 3.5 and avg incline was 5
9:30am- 1.5 hour long yoga class! The instructor said we came in on a very hard yoga class for beginners, so I was pretty proud of myself. I am very sore today also! Patrick and I loved it so we are planning to go again.
3:00pm- 4 mile hike at the U.S national white water center. This was tough for me, haven’t done much endurance in the last couple of months

Peri AM workout: BCAA’s
Brunch: meat lovers omelette from dilworth neighborhood grill. (3 eggs, bacon, ham and sausage, potatoes on the side
3:00pm-apple (made me feel awful during hike!)
5:00pm-protein shake
7:00pm- 1.5 turkey patties, spinach, 2 slices bacon, 1/4 avocado, sweet potato, and handful of blueberries


Ive had some short fast gym sessions this week. Good thing its deload week!

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AM: treadmill 20 minute treadmill walk
PM: Bench- 50lb x5, 65lb x5, 80lb x5
21 gun salute (curls) (7 lower partial reps, 7 upper partial reps, 7 full reps)
lateral raises 3×10
dips/arnold press superset 3×10

Im not writing my food down, its late and im tired. I did have an Arbys sandwhich for dinner =)


Got some new shoes the other day! They are new balance minimus and I love them!

Training :
Am: 30 min treadmill walk
Pm: deadlift 135lb 3×5
Dead squat 135lb for 5 singles
Superset lunges and laying leg curls 3×10
Had to be quick in the gym today

Breakfast: bratwurst patty and ribs (out of eggs)
Snack: protein shake
Lunch: 1/2 bratwurst patty, veal, asparagus, rice
Periworkout-bcaas and protein shake
Dinner:beef patty, broccoli

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At this point today I am in 3rd place in the Fittest Friends Contest. The contest goes until June 27th. It is very easy to vote, just one click. No need to register or “like” the page. You can vote everyday. It would mean so much to me if all of you could take just a second out of your day for the next few weeks to vote for me. It is my dream to be in a fitness magazine. Thank you so much in advance and I will keep all of you updated and send reminders!

6:45am- 30 min treadmill @ 10 incline, first 20 min 3mph last 10 min 2.5mph
2:30pm- Military Press (deload week) 45lb 3×5 very minimal rest
Dips 5×10 minimal rest
Chest Supported Row (pictured) 5×10- 15lb dumbbells minimal rest
Cross Body Hammer Curls 5×10 each arm- 15lb dumbbells
Lateral Raises 3×10- 10lb dumbbells
Concentration Curls 3×10 each arm- 10lb dumbbells (no rest)
Rear Delt Flye 3×10- 10lb dumbbell

peri-workout (am)- BCAA’s
breakfast- scrambled eggs with okra and sausage
lunch- scrambled eggs with okra and sausage, ribs
peri-workout (pm)- BCAA’s
post workout- shake
dinner- 1/2 beef patty, 1 turkey patty, asparagus


I have decided to look for a yoga class, I think that will be a great complement to my training. I’ll let you know how that goes. Does anyone do yoga and if so how do you like it?

9:00am- 15min on elliptical and 20 min walk on treadmill

Peri-workout- BCAA’s
Post workout- shake(1.5 scoops protein) and handful of nuts
Lunch/dinner- baby back ribs, bowl of ice cream, stuffed mushrooms
Snack- protein shake

Did NOT eat enough today, I need to work on that!

Fun day today training wise! What do you do to mix up your training?

worked on the guns! 4×10 each arm bicep curls, alternated between regular curls and crossbody hammer curls- 15lb dumbbells
Triset- lateral raises, arnold press, rear delt flyes (10 reps each exercise, 8lb dumbbells. 2 sets)
3×10 dumbbell military press- 20lb dumbbells
unilateral lateral raises 3×10 each arm, slow and controlled (first set 8lbs, second and third set 5lbs)
superset- narrow grip barbell pushups 12 reps, strict pull ups 6 reps, 4 sets

5 rounds of sprint/swim 50m (in the pool, no I did not wear the cute little flower hat), 20 push ups

pre-workout- coffee
peri-workout- BCAA’s
post workout meal (3pm)- Moes naked burrito (steak, cucumbers, pico de gallo, guacamole, bacon, lettuce, salsa), grande caramel light frappuccino with protein
dinner- will be sweet italian sausage, eggs, some sort of veggies


Its Friday!! 4 day weekend begins now!

4am- 20 min treadmill walk
4pm- squat: 100lb x5,  110lb Rx, 125lb x1+  (I got 3! Pretty big PR for me!)
Safety bar squats 5×5 (safety bar is 75lbs, pictured above)
Laying leg curls 3×10 with 25lb plate

Peri workout- bcaas
Breakfast- egg white/oat pancake
Snack- protein shake
Lunch- baked salmon and broccoli
Peri workout- rice and bcaas
Post workout- shake
Dinner- burger wrap and fries