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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

My name is Amber (just in case you missed that in the title of my fitness blog). I am 27 years old and have been pretty active my entire life. This is my story:

When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to do gymnastics! On my 10th birthday I got surprised with a gymnastics party and a membership to a gym! I got kind of a late start and always had classes with girls younger than me. I had dreams of competing and worked my way up to level 4 and started competing. I loved the way competing felt, the nerves, the excitement, the feeling of placing! I then moved up to level 5 and qualified for the state meet (with the help of motivation from a certain 100$ bill). I had so much fun and actually placed 10th in the state on balance beam! It’s funny that my best event was the balance beam because if you know me I’m pretty clumsy! I made the decision to quit gymnastics when I was 16. I was in high school, about to get my license and the training was getting too long for me. I was training 3 days a week for 3 hours a day plus open gym on the weekends.
After quitting gymnastics I got pretty bored and needed to fill my time with something else. I found an ice skating class for adults at a local mall and worked on that. I even competed once for that too. I did that for about a year and quit. Now I know it doesn’t sound like much but I also did the marching band in high school, it was a little exercise!

Shortly before graduating high school (2002) I met my (now) husband. After graduating I went to college and got pretty complacent and didn’t do any exercise until we got engaged in 2006. We wanted to get in shape for the wedding so we enlisted the help of a friend. We worked out at the YMCA and a lot of times it was more of a hassle than anything, but we kept going. After a while of that we were introduced to crossfit.

We did crossfit for about 2 years and it really amped up my endurance, I even ran a half marathon! I lost some body fat and learned how to eat healthy (the paleo diet). I really enjoyed crossfit because it was fun and always changing. It felt great because I was competing again, crossfit is always about getting the fastest times, or the highest reps. It really pushed me to do my best. About halfway through 2010, I decided I wanted to really work on my strength and wasn’t able to do that through crossfit.

We found a new gym and really got into powerlifting. I started doing a program called westside for skinny bastards. It was fun because you get to incorporate chains and bands into your lifting, but I just wasn’t seeing the gains I wanted. The bench is my best lift and last november I competed in a bench only competition, I won first in my age/weight and also won best female lifter. I also set a national record in my weight class.

I am currently going into my 4th month of doing the 5/3/1 program. I. LOVE. IT! Period! This is working great for me, I am getting leaner, stronger and have never felt better! I am now getting into figure shows. I will be competing in my first show at the end of April in the bikini division, I do not do paleo anymore but I do eat clean and healthy! This blog is my story of the every day to day me : my training, my food, my competitions, my life.





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