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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!

Rest Day!!

Accessory Day!
Dumbbell military press 3×10 @ 20lb/25lb/20lb
Upright row 3×10 @ 15lb dumbbells
Arnold Press 3×10 @ 15lb dumbbells
Lateral raise 3×10 @ 8lb dumbbells
Crossbody Hammer curls 12lb dumbbells/overhead tricept extension superset 3×10
Dumbbell bent over row 3×10 @ 29lb
Back extension 3×10
Glute-ham raise 3×10
GHD sit ups 3×10
Run 800m



Squat (5/3/1 week)
95lb x5, 110lb x3, 125lb x1+ ( I did 4, then realized I was supposed to do 130lbs so I did 130lb x1
Front squat 3×10 @ 55lb
Bulgarian split squats 3×6 @ 45lb barbell
Glute-ham raise 3×10

5 rounds:
*max push-ups in 1 min, 20 sec rest then
(34,29,26,26,22) (111 total)
*max distance on rower in 1 min, 20 sec rest then
(239m,228m,223m,235m,238m) (1163 total)
*max flutter kicks in 1 min (4 count), 30 sec rest
(40,28,40,32,44) (223 total)

Trying to work the set up at the new gym. Its hard powerlifting in a crossfit gym thats for sure! Overcoming obstacles only make you stronger right?!
Bench: 90lb x5, 110lb x3, 120lb x1
Bench 5×10 @ 70lb
Bent over rows 3×10 @ 45lb barbell
Pull ups/dips superset 3×8 each- no rest between exercises
lateral raises 5lb/plate raises 10lb- superset 3×10 each

So today was deadlift day since I took a rest day yesterday! In the past 3 days ive worked 30 hours and!

Deadlift: 175lb x5, 195lb x3, 220lb x1+ (I got 2 singles) This ties my max for deadlift- and I got it twice!!
GHD situps from parallel 3×20
Kettlebell deadlifts 3×20 @ 24kg
18 dead hang pullups (Patrick was doing max rep pull ups, so I decided to see if I could beat him. I did!)
Kettlebell swings (light) 3×15 @ 12kg


The title says it all! Long day at work + super sore body = rest day for this girl!!

Im not going to be posting my food log anymore until I start contest diet again.

So, as im writing this I am dying inside a little! Did I mention I HATE cardio!! Tonight I went to our new gym called Elevate Selection (soon to be called SOFWOD). Here is my training….

Military Press- 60lb x5, 70lb x3, 80lb x1

Then I did their workout for the day which was:
100 squats
90 jump ropes
80 push ups
70 sit ups
60 jumping pull ups
50 kettle bell swings 18kg
40 supermans
30 box jumps 16in
20 deadlifts 135lb (first 3 were 155)
10 burpees

took me 26:48
Havent worked out like that in a while! I actually even had to use my inhaler!!

Because the class is at 8 we have had to change around our meal times a little

Breakfast- ground turkey, 2 whole eggs, 2 egg whites
Lunch- 1/2 salmon patty, beef patty, asparagus
snack-protein shake
early dinner- chicken thigh
peri workout- BCAA’s
post workout- shake

Picture is of me and my 2 younger sisters (even though they are just as tall {if not taller} as me!)

This weekend flew by so fast! I took Friday and Saturday off from the gym. Friday at work was crazy and I didn’t get home til about 6pm then met my step-dad and brother for dinner for Fathers day. Saturday we were in Charleston all day for my younger sisters graduation from leadership school at the citadel. Also this weekend my diet hasn’t been that great. Here is my training today

2pm: Squat
Squat 95lb x3, 110lb x3, 125lb x3+ (I got one single and failed my second attempt, I re-racked, got myself together and got it for 3)
Squat 5×10 @ 65lbs
Superset: Glute-ham raises 10 reps & Good mornings @ 65lbs 10 reps > 3 sets

4pm: 3 mile trail run (took it easy @ about 31 minutes)

Tomorrow I will try out our new gym. Its called Elevate Selection- should be a fun time!