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Ambers fitness log

Just a girl and her workouts!


Crossfit Strength workout-
5 rounds
100ft sled push
10 burpees
That workout was awful! Not sure if it was because I was sick and couldn’t breathe, it was cold and I couldn’t feel my feet, or if it was just an awful workout!

After the workout I worked on squats for a bit, they felt great! No PRs though

11:00am- post workout protein shake (beef protein)
1:00pm- casein shake (8oz almond milk, 1 scoop of casein, 2T almond butter, 1/4c applesauce)
2:00pm- small naked burrito from Q doba (rice, steak, lettuce, pico, sour cream, and cheese)
6:30pm- 4oz Kobe beef burger, 8 bacon wrapped scallops, asparagus
Tonight around 8pm I will have a whey protein shake


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